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What Is SSL And Why You Need It

What Is SSL And Why You Need It

What Is SSL?

According to SSL.com,
SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remains private.

Put simply, SSL is an advanced level of encryption technology that makes use of key algorithms to provide a safe and secure web browsing experience. The way SSL works is that the encryption technology is activated as soon as the connection is made between the algorithms. So every time a user logs onto a website, all website data is encrypted and shielded from third party access.

Why Is It Used?

SSL serves a crucial role in maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information and shielding it from third parties. All details pertaining to account login details, such as passwords and usernames, as well as credit card details. Without SSL certificates, the data would be shared on any device or computer, increasing security risks.

SSL certificates are particularly important and relevant for today, owing to an aggressively expanding cyber security industry to curb the influence and dangers of hackers. Several large and established companies have experienced leaked customer and employee accounts and other important information that has discredited their reputation and credibility.

Why It Is Important For Your Ecommerce Website?

Due to the aforementioned reasons, SSL certificates provide excellent resources for safeguarding your ecommerce business from the risk of leaked or corrupted data. Building safe and secure ecommerce transaction platforms are not only crucial for your business, but also impart trust and reliability to customers that they can purchase good and service without worrying of credit card fraud and theft.

For example, PayPal’s visible green symbol that reflects their SSL certificate gives customers great confidence and trust that they are making a secure financial transaction. Such a trust is vital to building your online business and for marketing your brand across thousands of customers.

The other advantage of SSL is authentication. This means that you can be 100 percent sure that you are sending sensitive information to the correct server and not to a hacker who will exploit your details. SSL, thus, enables you to operate in a safe and secure zone through which you can order supplies and equipment for your online business without any qualms.

It is also now required to have SSL certificates for complying with PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards. In other words, having a secure and high level SSL certificate is necessary to operate your e-commerce website.

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